Our Response to COVID-19

To our Real Coconut Community,

We trust you and all of your loved ones are safe during this difficult time. Our thoughts go out everyone who has been affected by this unparalleled event, and we extend our gratitude to everyone on the front line working to contain COVID-19.

We are reaching out to let you know that we are, more than ever, committed to our mission - making healthy, sustainably-sourced food accessible to as many people as possible. As a team, we are working to ensure our warehouses have enough tortillas and tortilla chips to supply retailers as well as orders from our online shop. Orders will usually ship within 5-7 business days, however please understand that orders may be further delayed during this high-demand period, as we may experience unexpected delays. Thank you for your patience in receiving your order.

On top of the high quality and safety standards our manufacturers already meet, our manufacturers have increased frequency of sanitizing their facilities including highly trafficked and high contact areas. They also have sanitizer stations readily available throughout the facilities for frequent use for all employees. Guests/visitors are not allowed in the building until further notice.

We are so grateful to our community and know that we will come out of this stronger than ever before. We are in this together.


Much Love,

Real Coconut Team