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Our Products

Grain, Gluten, and Dairy Free

Real Coconut products are dedicated to digestive wellbeing and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet.

Our products are certified organic and completely vegan and paleo friendly.  

Our Restaurant

Daniella's first The Real Coconut restaurant, adjacent to her hotel called Sanará, meaning ‘you will heal’ in Spanish, sits against the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning and popular beaches, looking out onto the turquoise waters of the Caribbean in Tulum, Mexico.

Her kitchens support the passion and process of Conscious Cooking: globally-minded, plant focused food showcasing low-impact alternatives that steer away from the mainstream crops dominating the global agricultural economy.

The newest Real Coconut restaurant will be opening soon in sunny Malibu, California. Please visit realcoconut.co to find out more about our restaurants and to make a reservation

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Our Founder

Daniella Hunter is an entrepreneur, innovator, and the founder of Real Coconut whose menus and products reflect her conscious lifestyle and holistic wellness routine. 

"To tread ever more softly on our path, caring deeply for ourselves, others, and our world, profoundly considering our choices and continually questioning the ripple effects of our actions" -Daniella Hunter on the company mission.

Our Commitment

We work closely with Influence Foundation (IF) to uphold our commitment to being a resource for developing countries, whose rural farmers often live in impoverished conditions. Our work includes stimulating social enterprise farming programs, organized cropping, and alternative flour milling in conjunction with influencing the use of plant crops as the best solution for the Western world’s growing epidemic around gluten and grain.

At Real Coconut, we focus on crops like coconut, yucca, and plantain that support digestive health and require a relatively low amount of irrigated water. We plan to help feed the 10 billion inhabitants living on our planet by 2050 by:

    - Reducing food waste
    - Moving to a plant-focused diet
    - Returning land ownership to indigenous peoples
    - Supporting cooperatives to produce more tonnage per hectare on their lands.

Dramatic changes to the culture of how we eat take place when our food is derived from disruptive, alternative ingredients supplied by self-sustaining organic farmers who own their own land. For my information on IF, please visit: