Our Story


Real Coconut products are dedicated to digestive wellbeing and provide a philosophy of health and eating as a regimen for sustainable living, both personally and for the planet. While our products are completely vegan and paleo friendly, our restaurants promote plant-based choices but offer sustainably sourced, pasture-reared or wild caught, animal proteins from local farmers & fishermen. 

Daniella’s menus are designed with ‘every body’ in mind and this is where our tortillas were first offered to the world. 

Our first The Real Coconut restaurant, adjacent to a hotel called Sanará (meaning ‘you will heal’ in Spanish), sits on the backdrop of one of the world’s most stunning and popular beaches, looking out onto the turquoise waters of the Caribbean in Tulum, Mexico. 

We support the passion and process of Conscious Cooking: globally-minded, plant focused food showcasing low-impact alternatives that steer away from the mainstream crops dominating the global agricultural economy.


Our next restaurant will be opening May 2020 in Malibu, California!

Visit realcoconut.co to find out more about our restaurants, menus, catering, and to make a reservation.