Free Shipping & Mix & Match Minimum Order Quantity

To Our Dear Real Coconut Community,

We know that this time is unsettling and tough and we also know that many of you depend on our products as staples in your pantry or refrigerators. With a vast number of grocery stores unable to keep up with demand, we have created a new pricing and shipping structure to provide you maximum value.

We have implemented free shipping on all domestic orders. We strive to make healthy, sustainably-sourced food accessible to as many people as possible, and our team has worked hard to provide you with the best value when purchasing from our website. The pricing of individual products has increased slightly to accommodate the cost of shipping materials; however the total combined cost of the minimum order quantities has decreased as result of this change.

Our online shop now allows you to choose your own variety pack! Create your own box of any six bags (minimum) of chips or any six packs (minimum) of tortillas. For our committed Real Coconut community, we have also added the option to receive a recurring shipment of your favorite products every month! Choose the subscription option when adding products to your cart and you will receive 10% off of your monthly order. 

“Nourishing ourselves and nurturing our World“ has been Daniella’s mantra since she first created the recipes we are all able to enjoy today. These words have never been more important than they are today.

Stay safe and know we are here for you!


Real Coconut Team