Why should consumers eat gluten, grain, and dairy free products, and why would they want to?

The ubiquitous presence of gluten within developed world diets, along with genetically altered grains and depleted soils, has led to compromised gut biomes and an alarming increased prevalence of autoimmune diseases. Gluten & grain free diets have been found to reduce inflammation and alleviate digestive issues in a vast range of ailments as well as improving overall digestive health and supporting weight loss and vitality levels.

Dairy, while not inherently inflammation producing for many, when consumed in small quantities produced via traditional methods, is no longer a feasible option for commercial production, and industrial dairy farming is becoming recognized as not only inhumane, but also not sustainable for the planet. These are some of the reasons why consumers are seeking out, and switching to gluten, grain, and dairy free brands as alternatives for regular consumption, and aligns with The Real Coconut’s mission as a company in all its products and restaurants.  

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